Family Portrait Lighting Example

Balancing Mood With Lighting Portraits are about people, their faces and expressions.  The people should be the main subject and stand out from their background — your eyes going directly to their expressions without distractions. Sometimes we have to think backwards, meaning controlling the lighting

Head Shot Parties

Standing out in a crowd is how you get noticed and with Pro Head Shots, you can count on it! HOME HEAD SHOT PARTIES:  Stand out in the crowd and get noticed. This home service is great for Glam Beauty Shots, Facebook and On-Live Dating

New Photo Workshops

"Old Tricks For New Dogs" brings you the wisdom of the film days into the digital age. Learning to be more than a point and shoot photographer is the goal of all the workshops.  Understanding concepts will help you to improve your visual messages. Some topics that

Extreme Coverage

From 4″ to 40 feet — An extended range of experience, as in two recent imaging projects. Technique and lighting is crucial for macro imaging, as shown in the product shot of the blue tub. Depth of Field is critical and products must be accurate

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