From 4″ to 40 feet — An extended range of experience, as in two recent imaging projects.

Technique and lighting is crucial for macro imaging, as shown in the product shot of the blue tub. Depth of Field is critical and products must be accurate in color and density to portray them to our clients accurately. For a hearing aid, tube color process web site, Brad and I worked together to make this work for his client.   “From the products to the hero shots, Terry produced images of high technical quality and created the clarity and look for the images in the project.”
Brad Moss – Owner of the BK Media Group, Longmont, CO

The business portrait takes place in front of a forty-foot background in the local Dickens Opera house. Lighting for the subject was executed with flash, mixing it with the available ambient illumination. The slow shutter speed effectively blended the ambient with the flash lighting.
“I appreciate Terry’s efforts in making it all come together — me and my work place.”
Gary Brennen, Manager of The Dickens Tavern and OperaHouse, Longmont, CO