Family Portrait Lighting Example

Balancing Mood With Lighting Portraits are about people, their faces and expressions.  The people should be the main subject and stand out from their background — your eyes going directly to their expressions without distractions. Sometimes we have to think backwards, meaning controlling the lighting for the background and surroundings first, then balancing the lighting on the subjects.  In this example, the color balance in

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New Photo Workshops

"Old Tricks For New Dogs" brings you the wisdom of the film days into the digital age. Learning to be more than a point and shoot photographer is the goal of all the workshops.  Understanding concepts will help you to improve your visual messages. Some topics that will be covered are Basic Camera, Speedlight Boot Camp, Posing and Lighting People, Starting a Small Photo Studio, The Photographer

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Lighting / Rigging Solution On Location

-- From the "Old Tricks For New Dogs" series --  As I look back at some of the lighting/rigging solutions from the past, this example required lighting from below as well as from above. Shooting an Annual Report for Rutgers' Waksman Institute,  a topic on the shot list centered around growing cultures in petri dishes.  I used a Lightbank and a lighting grid from the

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Lighting For A Motorcycle Display Image

Display Images For a Motorcycle Dealer - an "Old Tricks For New Dogs" series. This red Yamaha sport bike has an interesting look when viewed from an elevated high frontal position. It reminded me of a space alien with big eyes.  This motorcycle was mounted on a rolling platform.  The base of the platform was covered with diamond plate steel which has a great texture

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